Subject Analysis and Access Section – new and outgoing members

2019 was an election year, and for the first time – at least to our knowledge – we had too many people wanting to join us and IFLA institutional members had to vote for two candidates.

Photo of IFLA Subject Analysis and Access Section

From left: Jane Makke, Sally McCallum, Caroline Saccucci, Athena Salaba, Rehab Ouf, Harriet Aagaard, Drahomira Cupar (in front), Andreas Kempf, Elise Conradi, Aida Slavic, Ana Stevanovic, Chris Oliver, George Prager, Ulrike Junger.
Missing: Rosali Fenandez de Souza, Stanoslav Golubtsov, Jinxia Huang, Seung Jeong Kim,  Jean Maury, Maria Stegaeva

Outgoing members 2019: John DeSantis, Mauro Guerrini and Elena Zagorskaya

On the photo below  you also find our outgoing chair John DeSantis. From 2019 he is a new member of the Bibliography Section. The new chair of our section is Athena Salaba.

Photo of IFLA Subject Analysis and Access Section with otgoing chair John DeSantis