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BnF’s new Digital Roadmap: the ultimate travel companion in the Digital Countries of the National Library of France… and beyond

What you see in the image below is the Digital Roadmap of the National Library of France (BnF):  []. Whether you want to follow the footsteps of Artificial Intelligence, explore the digitization region or discover the way the Library shares its infrastructures and skills, you’ll find on this map a comfortable, welcoming place to spend your time. It displays a panoramic and comprehensive view of the Library’s digital life in order to help people find their way and work together in this complex ecosystem on a day-to-day basis. Its regions are surrounded by the Knowledge Ocean; its lands extend beyond the map’s borders, open to numerous partnerships, tools, projects and ideas.

This edition of the Library’s Digital roadmap follows two very different ones (in the late 2000s and the mid-2010s []). It is the result of a collective approach involving about 150 people, that still supports the digital transformation of the Library today. The medium chosen is quite unusual, drawing inspiration from both the Library’s collections of maps and plans, for example from the “Carte de Tendre” (map of Tender) tradition of the courteous French literature tradition (, and also from card games. Metaphor is used to bring humanity and poetry to digital issues, to enable a common understanding of a complex subject and to promote the Library’s vision for the future:

  • Ever more accessible
  • Responsible and ethical approaches
  • Towards renewed catalogues and cataloguing
  • The foundations of digital heritage of the 21st century
  • A library devoted to long-term digital preservation worldwide

This edition also shows the increasing importance, currently, of issues related to the working environment at the Library, for both staff and users – something we were already thinking about before the 2020 lockdown.

Several must-see spots are particularly recommended to Academic and Research libraries lovers: the BnF Data Lab, CartoMundi, Shared heritage, the URL shortener, IIIF,, Digital hospitality, the Digital legal deposit development, Studying, examining, anticipating uses…

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Further readings:

Tackling the pandemic situation in French academic libraries: ADBU’s initiatives


Tackling the pandemic situation in French academic libraries: ADBU’s initiatives

ADBU is the French Association of Academic Libraries and Documentation ( In the transforming ecosystem of knowledge and information, ADBU carries the vision of a university library with a strong societal role. ADBU is concerned with questions of strategy and the evolution of scientific and technical information and constantly questions, with openness and audacity, the place of academic libraries in society. ADBU fights against preconceived ideas and fully reaffirms the role, missions, ambition and values of university libraries. Places of sharing and expression, of effervescence of ideas, of intellectual wealth, of achievement and innovation, academic libraries are the pioneers, within higher education and research, of the dissemination of digital knowledge and the sharing of knowledge. They are a key player in student success and research.

Facing Covid-19, France is under confinement since March 17, 2020. The situation disrupts our daily lives: students, teachers, researchers, administration staff, IT staff, librarian. We all have to deal with this injunction of continuity and manage our own personal lives. ABDU regularly releases episodes written from academic librarians point of view, all CC-BY:

ADBU also launched the “Decrypting disinformation with my library” initiative, which offers an analysis of disinformation via an infographic, which regroups a series of useful definitions, links to some reliable sites, and free tools accessible online when facing conspiracy theories, rumors, fake news and deep fake that are developing on the Internet in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This initiative and others taken by those involved in higher education, including documentary and library support, are listed on the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research website

In an uncertain and changing legislative environment, ADBU also provides a valuable forum for its members for information exchange and reflection at a time when dialogue is essential to allow academic libraries to operate in a coherent manner.

More information can be found on, you can also contact us at

Sophie Valade, ADBU