Inspiring research, inspiring scholarship: the value and benefits of digitised resources for learning, teaching, research and enjoyment

A new report released by King’s Digital Consultancy Service, written by Simon Tanner.   The research is the product of a JISC funded project to investigate the values, benefits and impacts of digitised resources.

This document draws evidence from a wide number of sources and seeks to provide a compelling account of the advantages of digitised content. The aim is to provide key information and strong exemplars for the following primary stakeholders:

  • Memory institutions and cultural heritage organisations such as libraries, museums and archives.
  • Holders and custodians of special collections.
  • Managers, project managers and fundraisers who are seeking to justify further investment in digitised resources.
  • Academics looking to establish digital projects and digital scholarship collaborations with collection owners.
  • Publishing, media and business sectors which may be considering the best means to collaborate and align with collection owners, with academia or memory institutions.

There is a high level, shorter, visually rich version of this document aimed at strategic, political, policy making stakeholders.

Source:  KDCS