IFLA in the USA! Friendly, fun Columbus, Ohio

Presenters at the Serials and other Continuing Resources program are (left to right) Sofie Wennström, Stockholm University Library; Anjana H. Bhatt, Florida Gulf Coast University; Clément Oury, ISSN International Centre; Gayle R.Y.C. Chan, University of Hong Kong Libraries; and Gaëlle Béquet, ISSN International Centre.

Presenters at the Serials and other Continuing Resources program are (left to right) Sofie Wennström, Stockholm University Library; Anjana H. Bhatt, Florida Gulf Coast University; Clément Oury, ISSN International Centre; Gayle R.Y.C. Chan, University of Hong Kong Libraries; and Gaëlle Béquet, ISSN International Centre.

Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section (SOCRS): Program in Columbus

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA)  Section on Serials and Other Continuing Resources  “concerns itself with all issues which make serial publications unique in both the print and electronic environments.” We met twice during the 82nd World Library and Information Congress (WLIC). Working within the congress theme, “Connections. Collaboration. Community,” we organized Session 114, “The Role of Stakeholders in the New Serials World.” Here follows a list of titles and authors of our guest speakers’ presentations. For links to the authors’ papers, please check the SOCRS URL listed above for updates. (Gaëll’s paper is already linked below.)

  1. Open Access Collections: Current Scenario in American Academic Libraries and a Sample Work Flow, by Anjana H. Bhatt, Florida Gulf Coast University, United States
  2. Questionable Practices in Scholarly Publishing: The Stance of the ISSN Network (Paper in English), by Gaëlle Béquet, Director, ISSN International Centre, France
  3. Revising the ISSN: involving stakeholders to adapt a bibliographic standard to its ever-changing environment, by Clément Oury, ISSN International Centre, France
  4. Managing the Transitional Impact of Open Access Journals, by Gayle R.Y.C. Chan, Libraries, and Allan C.S. Cheung, Department of Chemistry, University of Hong Kong., Hong Kong
  5. Stockholm University Press – for researchers, by researchers – but what does the library publisher add? By Sofie Wennström and Birgitta Hellmark Lindgren, Stockholm University Library, Sweden

Satellite meetings: SOCRS also co-sponsored two satellite meetings this congress:

  1. “RDA in the Wider World:” SOCRS, along with the RDA Board, the RDA Steering Committee and the IFLA Cataloguing Section, sponsored this satellite meeting at OCLC’s headquarters.
  2. “Libraries as Publishers: Building a Global Community:” SOCRs co-sponsored this meeting with the Acquisition and Collection Development Section at the University of Michigan. Ann Okerson, our co-sponsor Chair, is working on forming a “Libraries as Publishers” special interest group.

SOCRS Committee Meetings


Attendees of  the meetings of the of the Standing Committee are (from left to right, top):  Andrea Wirth (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA); Ted Westervelt (Library of Congress, USA); Paul Hover (Virginia Tech, USA), Blogger; Smita Joshipura (Arizona State University, USA), Blogger and Facebook; Christina McCawley (West Chester University), Information Coordinator, holding a tablet with Sharon’s image on Skype from London during the second meeting; Sian Brannon (University of North Texas, USA); Gaëlle Bequet (ISSN International Centre, France) ; Meg Mering, (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA), Secretary. (From left to right, bottom): Sharon Dyas-Correia (University of Toronto), Chair; Rabab Rashwan (Egypt ENSTINET); Tricia Hudson (Oxford University Press, USA); and Regina Reynolds and Karl Debus-Lopez (Library of Congress, USA).

During the section meetings, membership matters were discussed, including what makes a dynamic IFLA Professional Unit and the ongoing need for seamless virtual participation. Section Chair Sharon and Section Secretary Meg reported on the Satellite meetings, Sharon informed us of her imminent departure for a new job in London, and Paul reported he has an article on Malawi’s Mizuzu University Library Disaster Relief in the print edition of the American Libraries International Supplement being distributed at the congress. Last minute preparations for the program were discussed, and we had productive brainstorming sessions about future plans. Attendees included strong contingents from the Library of Congress, the ISSN International Centre in Paris, and academic libraries.

IFLA 2017 to be held in Wrocław, Poland

We discussed possible topics for the SOCRS open program for 2017. At the end of the discussion, altmetrics was the topic that everyone liked the best. SOCRs is also planning to have a satellite meeting in Kraków. Two standing members from Poland will help with local arrangements. The Acquisition and Collection Section is being asked to co-sponsor a topic relates to scholarly communications and serials.

Friendly, Fun Columbus, Ohio: “Dime-A-Dog Night” at a Clippers game!

peruvian-librarian-1  international-librarians-enjoy-a-baseball-game

International librarians taking selfies and waving from the bleachers in Huntington Park at a Columbus Clippers baseball game.

International librarians: Michael Dowling, Director of the American Libraries Association’s International Relations Office, asked me to help Delin Guerra, Program Officer, and Beth Cramer, International Relations Round Table Chair, to “explain American baseball” to about 70 international librarians. He had tickets to a Columbus Clippers vs. Durham Bulls game! The librarians I met that night were amazing, some of whom, I realized, would become friends for life. Outside the stadium, I pointed to a sign announcing “Dime-A-Dog Night.” Try explaining THAT to a non-English speaking, first-time visitor!


Joey. Paul, and Norm pat each other on the backs in congratulations for “scoring” baskets of hot-dogs for US$ 0.10 each.

After finding our seats, I decided to invest in a couple “dawgs.” Making my way to the epic-sized concession stands, I was taken aback by equally epic queues waiting for the bargain-priced, American iconic culinary delights. But did you ever notice how waiting in line can be a great opportunity to meet people? The two “Buckeyes” (Ohio residents) who were standing in front of me were father and son baseball fans, and after I mentioned I was at the game with a group of international librarians at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, they busted out some good ol’ American hospitality. Norm explained that he and his son Joey always used to get 2 hotdogs each, but since the stadium had initiated “Dime-A-Dog Night,” they had upped that to 3, even though the maximum allowed per customer was 5.

To my surprise, when we got to the front of the line, Norm ordered 15! They wouldn’t let me pay a dime, and turned over most of their booty, mustard and all, to share with our international librarian guests.

By the way, did I mention I am a Buckeye, too? Well, I am now.