Join us at #WLIC2021: How Open Access Affects Serials Assessment


The Serials & Other Continuing Resources Committee (SOCRS) is pleased to invite the IFLA community to our programme during IFLA WLIC 2021:

How Open Access Affects Serials Assessment

The rise of Open Access, especially in the publication of serials, has been one of the greatest changes in sharing information and learning in the modern world. This is especially true as it affects the vital work of serials assessment, an ongoing process undertaken continually by organizations and institutions around the world. How this process works and the variables that need to be taken into consideration as part of it have been impacted deeply by the rise of Open Access publishing. Managing successful and productive assessments of serials requires a holistic knowledge of publishing which fully encompasses Open Access and its position within scholarly communication; furthermore, it requires a global perspective, as Open Access publishing spreads and adapts across national boundaries. By sharing thinking and experiences about how Open Access publishing is affecting serials assessment across regions and across subjects, this programme will provide a view with both the depth and the detail needed to benefit the global library community.

Moderated by SOCRS Secretary Gaelle Bequet (France, ISSN International Centre) we’re pleased to have presentations from the following speakers:

  • Ana Maria Cetto (Mexico) – How Latindex assesses the quality of online journals in the free-and-open access environment
  • Mathias Astell (UK) – Focus on community needs: how and why Hindawi closed ~250 Open Access journals
  • Leena Shah (Singapore) – How DOAJ is improving the coverage of non-English journals in its index and fostering best publishing practices
  • Kate Snow (South Africa) – The JPPS framework and how it is implemented at AJOL

Visit the WLIC Programme to find the programme time in your location. Presentations will be followed by a live Q&A session with the presenters.