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A.P.D.E.N (Association of French Teacher librarians) national congress in Grenoble (France)

The 11th congress of French teacher librarians « professeurs documentalistes » of State secondary schools will be held this year, from the 22nd to the 24th of March 2019.

We are pleased to announce you that registrations are now officially opened !

Online registration process : go to the official congress website

You can now find on it the following information:

We wish to see you in Grenoble !

For the national board of A.P.D.E.N

Valérie Glass

Launch of the website “Profession : prof doc” about French teacher librarians

The A.P.D.E.N (Association of French teachers librarians of State secondary schools) is very pleased to announce you the launch of the website called « Profession : prof doc » (in english : « Profession : teacher librarians »).

The website is available on :

This website is intended for those who wish to know more about French professeurs documentalistes, to update their knowledge about the profession and to confront their representations to official texts and the reality of school practices.

4 sections are available on this website : the profession in short (statut, missions….), statistical data (number of teacher librarians in public and private schools….), field surveys (conducted by the A.P.D.E.N) and words from teacher librarians (webradios podcasts).

For the national board of A.P.D.E.N

Valérie Glass