Hungarian School Librarians’ Association conference

The Hungarian School Librarians’ Association (KTE) Spring 2014 Conference has been dedicated to an actual field, an obligatory for all the teachers (including teacher librarians): how to create the teachers’ portfolio document. The conference was held on 3th April at the National Educational Library and Museum with about 130 participants from all over the country, especially from our capital city, Budapest.
After the words of welcome said by our president, Klára Szakmári, two main lectures were given by two pedagogical experts about the teachers’ portfolio document and the special aspects of the teacher librarians’ one. After a short coffee break, participants could choose of several practical workshops to help them on the way to create their own portfolio.
As the last point of our busy conference day, School Librarians’ Association  gladly presented the 7th volume of the book series “Little KTE Books.”Our association has been publishing books and publications since 1995, according to the mission and everyday work of the school libraries and teacher librarians. This 7th volume presents lesson plans for teaching library-use in the primary and secondary schools. supporting  the teaching methodology of library use, presenting work of outstanding libraries and addressing the history of our association.
We had a nice day together, hoping that many of our colleagues could have get effective support to their everyday work and especially in creating their portfolio document.
Veronika Kámán
Responsible for international relations
SLA Hungar