ICT webinar

For the month of March Australia librarians have two hot topics that address the ICT general capabilities and curriculum inquiry skills.

12 March – Badge Your Way to ICT Competency
26 March – Mapping curriculum inquiry skills to a pedagogical framework

The ICT general capabilities from the Australian Curriculum outline key skills and competencies students require to become digital citizens. These capabilities have been designed to ensure students can confidently, competently and safely navigate an ever-increasing digital landscape for both educational and social needs. Iona Presentation College has developed an ICT Passport that maps and strategically teaches these skills within the curriculum. This system is being trialled in 2014 using a digital badging system. Badge systems are increasingly bei ng used as a monitoring and assessment tool to demonstrate competency across a range of skills. This webinar will describe how the passport system will be implemented and will show examples of products that can be used to create the badges.

When: Wednesday, 12 March 2014
Time: 8.00 to 9.00 pm Australian Daylight Saving Time
Register today at http://eduwebinar.com.au/webinars to secure your place at this webinar.

As a result of this webinar participants will:

  • have access to a Year 6-10 ICT Scope and Sequence as it relates to the ICT general capabilities from the Australian Curriculum;
  • examine how these ICT competencies translate into practical classroom skills;
  • examine a Year 7 ICT Passport that can then be used as a model for other year level passports;
  • examine a range of online badge tools; and
  • learn how to create online digital badges for use in their classroom using class badges.
  • Register now at http://eduwebinar.com.au/webinars to develop your understanding of how a badging system could be used in your school.

Mapping curriculum inquiry skills to a pedagogical framework with Karen Bonanno, Founder & Managing Director, Eduwebinar Pty Ltd on Wednesday, 26 March 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm ADST

Inquiry skills are strongly evident across the Australian Curriculum. In late 2012, Karen Bonanno was given permission by the authors of Guided Inquiry Design: A Framework for Inquiry in Your School, Carol Kuhlthau, Leslie Maniotes and Ann Caspari, to develop an open collaborative project with Australian teacher librarians to develop a scope and sequence tying the five kinds of learning to the inquiry skills and capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.

This webinar will build on the preliminary work that has already been undertaken over the last 10 months for the 4 core subjects (English, History, Maths, Science) and add in the recent curriculum additions of Economics & Business, Civics & Citizenship, The Arts, Technologies, Health & Physical Education.

The focus for the webinar will be on:

  • creating a skills scope and sequence within an inquiry learning framework,
  • identifying core essential inquiry skills across the curriculum that support sequential skill development,and
  • web tools & apps to help develop the skills with the students.Register at http://eduwebinar.com.au/webinars to secure your place at either of these webinars.