Student video festival

The White House is looking for videos (up to 3 minutes) that “highlight the power of technology in schools” through films addressing the current technology use in classrooms or school and/or the role technology will play in education in the future. Among the topics:
How does technology help with:

  • Personalized Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Global Collaboration
  • Student Creativity
  • Making and Tinkering
  • Project Based Learning
  • Critical Thinking

The video might show, e.g.:

  • The use of technology as a creation tool
  • The use of technology in new and innovative ways
  • The use of technology to access high quality online content and resources
  • Technology in schools.

This could be an excellent opportunity to show the “power” of school libraries as an educational and transformational “tool” /”technology” (and methodology!) that stimulates students’ creativity, collaboration etc.
Hopefully, U.S. school librarians can get their students’ involved in such a film festival. If a video showing the SL role in active, personalized, collaborative etc. learning were selected, it would help us in advocating for school libraries.

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