LTR program in KL: Information literacy, LIS education and Historical perspectives of library outreach to marginalized populations

The LTR section, also supporting Library History SIG, will contribute in several ways at the upcoming meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

On Sunday 26. August, at 13:45,  the joint session with the Information Literacy section takes place in Session 116: Information Literacy: from practice to research and back again

The purpose of this session is to hear about a range of critical approaches and research models that contribute to building new theory; the challenges of applying theory in practice; the technology dimension in theoretical frameworks; how learning theories can inform practice; and cultural perspectives associated with learning.

The session is devided into two subthemes: First Information Literacy Practice across Disciplines, Contexts and Environments with four presentations, secondly  a panel discussion on integration of theory and practice in information literacy with another four contributions.

The call for papers for this session recieved a very high number of responses, which gave the chairs (Gaby Haddow and Min Chou) and their team a hard job selecting  contributions for the session.  We are really looking foreward to learning about how both practices and the theoretical aspect of Information Literacy  looks in 2018.

On the last day of the conference, Wednesday 29, at 8.30, the second LTR session will take place: Session 220 IFLA’s role in building strong LIS education: an international approach to quality assessment and qualification in the library and information profession

This is a joint open session with the Education and Training Section and LIS Education in Developing Countries Special Interest Group (SIG). We will discuss different modes of professional credentialing in order to identify an approach that IFLA can adopt as an international demonstration of proficiency as a library and information professional. This session builds on the findings from an international survey on education and pathways to professional status for a library and information professional, reported in the BSLISE Working Group White Paper.

Experts on diverse modes of professional credentialing (e.g., equivalence, reciprocity and transferability; accreditation; certification; licensure; core knowledge and competencies) will present on opportunities, challenges and principles, and address the role that IFLA can play. The expert presentations will be followed by open discussion, during which the role of national library associations, legal frameworks, pedagogies, expanding nature of the field, etc. may be covered.

Session coordinators are Saif Aljabri, Susmita Chakraborty, Clara M. Chu, Jaya Raju.

The Library History SIG is sposored by the LTR section. At IFLA WLIC 2018 they have invited to Session 095: Transform Libraries. Transform Societies: Library outreach to marginalized populations: historical perspectives. The session takes place 26.08. at 09:30.

They received a number of interesting  abstracts for its session at IFLA 2018, and had a hard job  choosing just a few for the session. They have also invited associate professor Brendan Luyt of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  to deliver a keynote at the session.

We welcome all to these three interesting sessions!



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