[LTR Events]

In 2015, the LTR Section participated in the selection process for the De Gruyter / IFLA Research Paper Award by proposing its theme and appointing a jury to select a winning paper. Thanks to all candidates and congratulations to Ana Parvan for winning the Award!

Ana’s winning paper, The role of data curator in the CERN Particle Physics Data-Sharing Community, will be published in the September issue of LIBRI, a leading international scholarly journal published by De Gruyter. The author also receives prize money of EUR 1.000, donated by De Gruyter Saur. The award will be formally announced in Cape Town on 18 August during the IFLA Awards Presentation (Session 132).

Ahead of next month’s publication of the winning paper, we would like to share the papers of the top runners-up. They are all worthy of your attention as well!

Have a nice and fun congress at Cape Town