European Read On Project

The “READ ON guide”, produced by the partners of the European READ ON project, is a guide for teachers, youth workers, festivals, creative writing tutors and anyone working with young people aged 12 to 19. Inside you can find 15 IDEAS THAT YOU CAN ADAPT

 The READ ON project gets young people reading, writing, illustrating, creating graphic novels, interviewing authors, offering their own spin on their favourite book, and curating events at literature festivals, both in their own country and across Europe.

 READ ON is a four-year project bringing together seven organisations in six countries working in six languages, funded by the EU Creative Europe programme.


From June 2017 to December, these organisations are working with young people aged 12-19 at public events, through their schools, youth groups and writing clubs or by themselves.

You can find more information, as well as get involved as a school, youth organisation or individual, at and

  Read more about the project partners, following the link: