Monthly Archive for January, 2020

Research on School Librarians’ Impact on Literacy

Margaret Merga has three articles published on the impact of school librarians on students’ literacy: Merga, M. K. (2019). School libraries fostering children’s literacy and literature learning: mitigating the barriers. Literacy. Merga, M. K. (2019). How do librarians in schools support struggling readers?. English in Education, 53(2), 145-160. […]

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Library of Congress Literacy Awards Call

We are pleased to share with you the call for applications for the 2020 U.S. Library of Congress (LOC) Literacy Awards. Applications will be accepted for the 2020 Library of Congress Literacy Awards beginning January 13, and the deadline for applications is March 6. There are 3 separate awards: The […]

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Are Linguists Irreplaceable as Agents in Preserving Culture and History?

In the beginning there was the word. Before the word, the world was formless and void. By letting there be light, a distinction was made between this and that. This distinction is what separates us from the less linguistically gifted. Here we will talk about how the profession of linguists and translators has shaped and […]

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