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English teachers’ reading position statement

The U.S. National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has created a new *position statement* <> regarding independent reading. Here’s a great quote from their statement:

*It is imperative that students develop reading stamina—the ability to sustain mental effort without scaffolds or adult support—that allows them
to comprehend increasingly complex texts (Hiebert, 2014).*

and one of the core values listed at the bottom of the document states:

– *recognize the importance of access to texts at a wide variety of reading levels, about a plethora of topics and interests, that offer
multiple perspectives in classroom libraries and school libraries.*

Learning Environment and Resources Report

The following report is a research-based position paper about the importance of a supportive learning environment with high quality resources. The report states:”All educators .. have a responsible to ensure responsiveness within instruction, books, assessments, and digital spaces for all students.”

International Literacy Association. (2019). Right to Supportive Learning Environments and High-Quality Resources. Newark, NJ: Author.

Literacy Statement Response

“The International Association for School Librarianship’s (IASL) Executive Board composed a response to the International Literacy Association (ILA) Position Statement entitled: “Children’s Rights to Excellent Literacy Instruction”


Please read IASL’s response to ILA

If you support IASL’s response, please sign here and indicate your literacy associations to express your concern that school librarians and libraries are not included in this ILA position statement:” You are also welcome to share this editable link in your own networks. You do not have to be an IASL member to do so.