AMICAL 2015 conference call for proposals

AMICAL 2015 – Conference information & Call for proposals
Theme: Clearing thresholds: information literacy & faculty–librarian–technologist collaboration

AMICAL is a consortium of higher education American-style universities located currently in about 30 countries around the world. Each year they hold a conference. Here is an excerpt from their announcement calling for proposals for the 2015 conference to be held in Bulgaria and providing a website URL for future use. This organization may be a useful one for you to network with, especially if there is an AMICAL university in your country. Perhaps you might even be interested in guest teaching or undertaking research at one of their institutions,

The AMICAL Consortium, together with the American University in Bulgaria, are pleased to launch the AMICAL 2015 conference website, which includes information about the schedule, speakers, venue, sponsors and program proposals. The 2015 AMICAL Conference will give special focus to information literacy, and in particular to new conceptual frameworks for information literacy in the context of international American universities. The program will also cover a broad range of other topics related to libraries, technology and learning, with sessions ranging from conceptual talks to hands-on workshops to unconference sessions created during the event.

“Staff and faculty from AMICAL member institutions are invited to propose program sessions for AMICAL 2015, with proposals particularly encouraged from the following areas:
“Information literacy, learning models and pedagogy
Students as creators & collaborators
Digital humanities
Marketing and communication of library and information services
Assessment of library and information services”

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