UIA Round Table Europe

IASL Europe Director Luisa Marquardt took part in the UIA Round Table – Europe, that was held in Dublin on Nov. 13-14 (see programme  here: http://www.uia.org/roundtable/europe-2014).

UIA  is the acronym of  the “Union of International Associations”, established in 1907 by Paul Otlet (one of the founders of information science) and Henri La Fontaine (Nobel Peace Prize winner). Some 120 representatives of international associations from different sectors (e.g., culture, health, education etc.) gathered in Dublin to discuss concerns, challenges, goals.
How to enlarge the membership base, how to deal with reduced budget or a high turnover of volunteers, have been some of the issues discussed. Effective communication is a key factor to overcome many of the challenges. The organization of the meeting was simply perfect: interesting and useful presentations, followed by lively discussions, and a rich cultural and social programme.