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Italian School Library Guidebook

Luisa Marquardt says:
Last year, wearing my multiples hats (AIB, IFLA, IASL etc.), I had the opportunity and honor to serve the “Forum del Libro” (i.e., Book Forum) and “Save the Children” NGO in a National project called “Futuro Prossimo” (Next future), focusing on reading as a means to combating educational poverty, especially among adolescents in deprived areas.
The booklet I edited and made available in the e-learning platform has now become a book (thanks to the above mentioned associations) and is available both in print and digital format.
It can be considered as “school librarianship in small bites”, an adaptation of the IFLA SL Guidelines to  the Italian context, a basic school library guideline, that can help those who are more or less totally new to  school librarianship or those who have been focusing their role more on reading promotion rather than on inquiry, information literacy etc.
My work couldn’t be possible without the many conversations, exchange of ideas and support from many colleagues and representatives of institutions and associations, among which I want to acknowledge and thank the IASL and the IFLA School Libraries Section.