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UNESCO call for literacy projects

The UNESCO International Literacy Prizes reward excellence and innovation in the field of literacy throughout the world. Since 1967, UNESCO has awarded the Prizes to over 460 projects and programs. They have launched a call for nominations of candidates for 2015 under the theme “Literacy and the post-2015 agenda.”

A 2014 Confucius Prize for Literacy was awarded to the Molteno Institute for Language and Literacy (South Africa) and the International Literacy Institute (United States) for the ‘Bridges to the Future Initiative.’  An interactive, computer-based learning tool to improve literacy rates among primary grade learners in local languages and structuring lessons to align with the national curriculum.  This program is a successful North-South partnership between the International Literacy Institute at the University of Pennsylvania and a national South African organization working in several countries in the region. The International Literacy Institute is led by Dr. Dan Wagner, UNESCO Chair in Learning and Literacy and member of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.

The Prizes consist of the three UNESCO Confucius Prizes for Literacy and the two UNESCO King Sejong Literacy Prizes. Governments of Member States and Non-Governmental Organizations maintaining official relations with UNESCO are invited to submit their nominations.  Entries must be received at UNESCO by May 10, 2015 for Individuals and May 25 for NGOs. Interested parties should contact the U.S. National Commission by May 5th at

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Celebrate Dia!

Día is a national literacy initiative celebrated daily in libraries to empower children and families from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds with tools to become critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and active global citizens. Libraries hosting Día events make a daily commitment to foster cultural understanding through displays, collections, services, and programs that represent our culturally pluralistic society. Each year on April 30th, many libraries plan culminating Día activities to commemorate specific cultural groups within their library community and bring together diverse children and families to celebrate global literacy.

Free video on Libraries in the Internet age

Free Video: Libraries in the Internet Age

Commoncraft says: We love libraries and librarians. We want them to succeed and we made this video to help the public understand how libraries have changed in the Internet Age