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Digital Day 2021 – Towards a More Green, Creative and Diverse Digital Future

19 March marks the European Digital Day, dedicated to discussing the challenges of navigating the digital transformation, and commitments to act towards a greener, more robust, fair and sustainable digital future. This gives libraries – not just within the EU, but around the world – an opportunity to reflect on their own roles in this transformation.

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World Information Society Day: The Case for Public Access in Libraries Beyond 2020

Over the years, public libraries have brought many new users online – with millions having accessed the internet for the very first time in a library. However, public access can sometimes be seen as a stepping stone towards individual use and subscription/device ownership – a transitional measure on the way to a more universally available home access. But is that the case? What value can public access solutions offer as a complement to individual home or mobile access, rather than a temporary substitute? What shapes could it take in a post-COVID world, as we work to overcome the grueling digital divides?

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