Monthly Archive for April, 2014

Social Science Libraries Section Schedule in Lyon

The Social Science Libraries Section final schedule for the conference in Lyon: Saturday 16 August. 9-45-12:15. Standing Committee 1st meeting Monday 18 August  13.45-15.45. RELINDIAL Session Tuesday 19 August 11:30-13:00. Standing Committee 2nd Meeting Wednesday 20 Aug 9.30-12.45  SSLC & Women Information & Libraries Conference Session  

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Satellite Meeting in Namibia (2015)

Chiku Mchombu, Chair of Social Science Libraries Section, announced that the Satellite Meeting proposal in Namibia (2015) has been accepted. The Namibia Information Workers Association will start fund raising activities looking for sponsors for the venue. Congratulations to Chiku and her Namibian colleagues. This satellite meeting will take place in […]

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