Zenodo – Sharing Research Data across Europe – Making Science More Visible

[Asis-l] Zenodo – Sharing Research Data across Europe – Making Science More Visible

Zenodo – Sharing Research Data across Europe – Making Science More Visible

Newly launched, Zenodo www.zenodo.org offers a one-stop-store for research output. Created by OpenAIRE and CERN, and supported by the European Commission, this new-generation online repository offers its service from the OpenAIRE pan-European initiative, which expands the linking of research output to datasets and funding information, in European and national contexts.

 *Enabling everyone to Share and Cite Data*

 Zenodo welcomes multi-disciplinary research data from any individual, scientific community or research institution. Upload allowance is generous (1GB) and can be used by institutions without their own data repository. Based on the same concept as OpenAIRE, which gathers Open Access publications across a variety of funding schemes, Zenodo provides a rich interface to link objects together with funding information.

*Supporting the long-tail of research output*

 Any data uploaded, or collections created are harvestable via OAI-PMH by third parties: expose your collection to PubMedCentral or your local institution. For research institutions who don’t want the overhead of establishing their own data repository to support their researchers’ scientific output, this is a convenient solution. The repository accepts any data without an obvious service at hand, in a variety of formats. Zenodo fully encourages deposition under an open licence, and while it will also accept other licence types, the Zenodo community will take a lead in signalling the benefits of open licenses such as visibility and credit.

 *Building Collections for Scientific Communities*

 Zenodo adds value in that it enables users to have ownership over their unique community collections. For example, an EC funded project might like to create a collaborative space for all its research output, and can assign a range of licenses, including Creative Commons, and each dataset and publication is assigned a DOI.

Chris Erdmann, Head Librarian at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, says, “This will be of great benefit to the global research community. Institutions, together with scholarly communities, are looking for flexible deposit solutions that allow the living scholarly record to be easily curated, exchanged and cited. For the research community, to have a trustworthy publication and sharing mechanism for their scholarly activities at their fingertips, will be hugely beneficial.”

Brian Hole, CEO at Ubiquity Press says “Zenodo is a welcome addition to the options we provide our authors for publishing their data alongside their research articles and data papers. I particularly like the innovative way in which the upload system has been designed to be quick and simple, which directly addresses one of researchers chief complaints about data archiving – that it is time consuming. We will be happy to suggest our authors deposit their underlying datasets at Zenodo.”

Florida Estrella, Deputy Director of the European Middleware Initiative (EMI) based at CERN, adds “Science has entered the age of open. EMI connects scientists and will be able to employ Zenodo’s services in a transparent and reliable way”.

 *An easy-to-use workflow*

 Sign up now for an account at Zenodo and submit your research in easy steps (e.g. via Dropbox).

 *More Information*

 See more of Zenodo’s acquisition, preservation, access and reuse policies: http://www.zenodo.org/policies

*Support and general information*

 Email: info@zenodo.org

Questions related to European Commission funded research and OpenAIRE


*Frequently Asked Questions*

OpenAIRE and Open Access in general: http://www.openaire.eu/en/support/faq

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