IFLA conference call for proposals

 The IFLA Literacy and Reading Section is seeking proposals for a program to be held at the IFLA Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in August 2015. The theme is Literacy Matters!  The Importance of Literacy & Reading in the Creation of Strong Societies.”

Literacy is more essential than ever before. In societies dominated by the written word, it is a fundamental requirement for citizens of all ages in modern Europe. Literacy empowers the individual to develop capacities of reflection, critique and empathy, leading to a sense of self-efficacy, identity and full participation in society. Literacy skills are crucial to parenting, finding and keeping a job, participating as a citizen, being an active consumer, managing one’s health and taking advantage of digital developments, both socially and at work (EU High Level Group of Experts on Literacy, 2012)

 The Literacy & Reading Section recognises that literacy and reading skills are essential for access to information for educational achievement, personal growth lifelong and the development of communities within society. Libraries have a unique role in the promotion of literacy and reading by providing community spaces and access to a wide range of resources and expertise. The program for the IFLA 2015 Conference will focus on the theme Literacy Matters! and include a mix of invited speakers and presenters.

 Building on the Section’s theme Literacy Matters! The importance of literacy & reading in the creation of strong societies, presentations will be considered which address the theme and examine:

·         best practice library programs;

·         library services which support literacy and reading skills; and

·         research projects that support literacy, reading and libraries.

 Proposals are requested for 8 – 10 presentations to be part of a series of round table workshops.  Each presenter will be part of a round table discussion group which will participate in 3 workshops designed to help further develop the LiR ‘Literacy Matters’ concept & action plan:

  • Workshop 1: Guidelines for Library Based Literacy Programs
  • Workshop 2: Research to support literacy, reading and libraries
  • Workshop 3: Literacy Matters! DVD, online and the next steps

 As an introduction to the final workshop presenters will have 15 minutes to present their best practice program to their table. Since these projects will be presented in an informal, small group setting, speakers should plan some visual accompaniment such as a poster that can be set up on the table. Presenters may also want to bring brochures or flyers to hand out.

 The successful proposals (template provided) will consist of:

·         a 500 word description of a 2000 – 2500 word paper about the program/services/research in their presentation which will be published in the IFLA online library;

·         include a copyright and plagiarism statement; and

·         abstracts will be distributed to all tables and used during Workshop discussions

Abstracts will be selected by a double, blind-review process. Papers will be published in the IFLA online library. Successful presenters will be listed in the official Conference program. All papers will be edited for the English version and returned to presenters for publication in other (English) journals.

 Proposals should provide the following information:

·         Presenter/s and affiliation

·         Brief biographical information of presenters

·         Proposal title

·         500 word abstract describing their program, service or research project

·         Language of presentation

Proposals should be sent to:

·         Barbara Combes (Secretary of the Literacy and Reading Section) at bcombes@csu.edu.au by 14th March 2015.

·         Please include IFLA Proposal WLIC 2015 in the subject line.

·         Successful presenters will be notified by 28th March 2015.

·         Submission of final papers in one of the official IFLA languages by 20th May 2015.

For more information, please contact:

·         Annie Everall (Chair of Literacy and Reading Section) at annie@alannie.demon.co.uk

·         Barbara Combes (Secretary of the Literacy and Reading Section) at bcombes@csu.edu.au

Please note that it is the speakers’ responsibility to find funding for their participation in the conference. All papers will be edited for publication in the IFLA Online Library.

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