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LIS Education and Research Seminar

III International Seminar on LIS Education and Research (LIS-ER)    Barcelona, 4-5 June 2015

 The Faculty of Library and Information Science at the University of Barcelona celebrates its centenary (1915-2015) with a seminar on the future of Library and Information Science Education and Research


The School of Library and Information Science in Barcelona was founded in 1915 and is the second oldest LIS School in Europe and currently the oldest integrated into a University. The aim of the School, initially only for women, was to educate the librarians responsible for the public library network planned by the Catalan government and built from 1918 onwards, inspired by the British and North American library systems.

 Since its foundation, the School has uninterruptedly provided professional education for Catalan information professionals. All through its history the School has maintained an active international presence, being strongly involved in associations such as IFLA and EUCLID.

Next year we will celebrate our 100th anniversary. We feel that it provides a wonderful opportunity to look back over the achievements and failings of the European LIS curriculum project developed in 2005 and to discuss the future of LIS education and research. We have organised a seminar that aims to bring together representatives from leading European LIS schools to discuss together the challenges faced by our field and to take a major step forward in our shared analysis and in our strategic planning.


The topics/themes of the seminar include: 1) current European undergraduate and graduate LIS education; 2) new career opportunities and their impact on degrees; 3) translation of LIS research outcomes into practice; 4) maximising the scientific, societal and economic impact of LIS research; 5) opportunities for international cooperation in LIS education and research.


The seminar will include panels of leaders in LIS education and research who will be asked to address key issues related to the future of our field. Participation by attendees for commenting on the issues raised by keynote speakers/contributors will be highly encouraged. A call for poster presentations will be announced at a later date.


Faculty of Library and Information Science, University of Barcelona

For more information regarding the conference, please visit the Seminar website ( or contact  Ernest Abadal, Dean, Facultat de Biblioteconomia i Documentació (

Dissertation on school libraries

In March 2014 the degree of Doctor philosophiae (Dr. Phil.) was awarded to Belgian colleague Natalie Mertes by the Humboldt University, School of Library and Information Science in Berlin.  The subject of Natalie’s dissertation is:

  • Teachers’ Conceptions of Student Information Literacy Learning and Teachers’ Practices of Information Literacy Teaching and Collaboration with the School Library : A Grounded Case Study. 
The thesis has been published on the Humboldt Univerity Edoc server at with a link to the complete .pdf file.  This study will provide some vital information for educators, teachers and librarians throughout the world, and especially in Europe.

UK report: Support school libraries

A multipartisan group of members of Parliament and peers has called for a good library in every school in the UK in a new report, The Beating Heart of the School, that says libraries make “a huge contribution to young people’s educational attainment.” The call follows a long-running campaign from authors, who believe primary and secondary schools should be required by law to have a library and a trained librarian, and comes in the wake of new figures from the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport showing a “significant decrease” in the number of adults using a library.