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Ebooks in learning document

The Australian School Library Association created an ebook on ebooks in learning. This publication came about because a number of the ASLA members were indicating there wasn’t a lot available on using e-books in learning.

This is the web link:  It is available online only under a single user license for AUD 29.70 (~USD 26.80).

E-books in learning: A beginner’s guide provides ideas, strategies and school-based examples of how to use e-books in schools. This e-book about e-books includes:
•             Rationale for using e-books for learning.
•             Criteria for decision making for schools to determine the appropriate platform and types of e-books needed.
•             Examples of using e-books in the classroom and the school library.
•             Managing and promoting e-books from a school library perspective.
•             Examples of e-book platforms for reading, viewing and creating e-books.
As the title states, this is a beginner’s guide where you can learn from teachers, teacher librarians and consultants to start your own journey.