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SCCR 27: EIFL statement on withdrawn and retracted works

Ms. Teresa Hackett, speaking on behalf of Electronic Information for Libraries: I am speaking on behalf of Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL). We thank the African Group, Ecuador and India for proposals on this topic. Libraries and archives have a mission to preserve the public record for posterity. In the […]

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SCCR27: Library and Archive joint statement on orphan works

Mr. Ben White (LIBER), on behalf of library and archive organisations at SCCR 27: Thank you Mr. Chairman. I am speaking on behalf of all the library and archive NGOs on the issue of orphan works and out of commerce works. Libraries have embarked upon digitisation projects of public domain […]

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Topic 7: Orphan Works (Society of American Archivists)

At SCCR 27, library and archive organisations have been able to offer interventions on specific topics before the Committee for consideration. On Thursday 1 May discussions for libraries and archives continued from Topic 6 (Cross Border Uses) to Topic 7, regarding Orphan Works, Withdrawn and Retracted Works, and out of commerce […]

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