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Topic 7: Orphan Works (Society of American Archivists)

At SCCR 27, library and archive organisations have been able to offer interventions on specific topics before the Committee for consideration. On Thursday 1 May discussions for libraries and archives continued from Topic 6 (Cross Border Uses) to Topic 7, regarding Orphan Works, Withdrawn and Retracted Works, and out of commerce […]

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SCCR27: Karisma Foundation on cross border challenges for libraries in Colombia

Ms Amalia Toledo, Karisma Foundation: Muchas gracias, señor Presidente. Dado que es la primera vez que la Fundacion Karisma toma la palabra,  queremos  agradece su invitación a dirigirse al Comité, y lo felicita por sus labores de dirección del mismo. Expresamos nuestro apoya a las declaraciones Como una organización de […]

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German Library Association on cross border use at SCCR27

Mr. Armin Talke, German Library Association: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I speak on behalf of the German library association, representing 2000 libraries in the country. I agree totally with my colleague from LIBER: Complexity is not a reason to leave the discussion. In contrary: Too much complexity,  in the interest […]

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