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Effective Summer Learning – a new report



Are libraries positively improving the lives of the children they serve and how will they know? These are two questions at the heart of a meeting convened by the Urban Libraries Council (ULC) when library leaders and education, philanthropy and non-profit leaders came together to discuss how to assess the effectiveness of library summer learning programs.

ULC’s new report, Public Libraries and Effective Summer Learning: Opportunities for Assessment and the Executive Summary summarizes the discussions and includes strategic concepts, emerging models and tangible action steps to initiate assessment of library summer learning outcomes.

Since 2013, ULC and the National Summer Learning Association have been working together to explore how public library programs could support  kids’ summer learning needs. This is work has continued via support from our funding partner, the Institute for Museum and Library Services and our strategic partner, the Metropolitan Group, a collaborator on all of the work that contributed to this report.

Take some time to read about the examples and best practices which demonstrate how public libraries are maximizing summer learning opportunities and achieving learning gains for youth.

Libraries Supporting Family Learning


The Urban Libraries Council (ULC) has released a new Leadership Brief,  Libraries Supporting Family Learning which builds on the partnership between ULC and the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL) to increase awareness of the role that libraries play in creating opportunities for families to learn together.

Libraries stand out as the leading community entity providing diverse opportunities for mothers and children and the whole family unit, in all of its iterations, to learn and thrive together. Libraries Supporting Family Learning demonstrates how public libraries are trusted community hubs with unique education assets that contribute to families that are stronger educationally and economically.

Included in the Brief are examples from leading libraries. These examples show only a few ways that libraries are playing a central role as education leaders and partners by engaging children and parents in learning together.



Building Connected Communities


The Urban Libraries Council has just released a ULC Leadership Brief Building Connected Communities which focuses on how libraries are bridging the digital divide through free and open access to current and emerging technology and related resources.

Libraries bridge the digital divide, build digital literacy skills, and improve the quality of life in communities. Building Connected Communities demonstrates how public library technology is used for education, innovation, workforce development/entrepreneurship purposes and health/wellness.

Included in the Brief are examples from leading US libraries. These snapshots show ways that libraries are playing a central role as technology leaders in our communities. This critical role is highlighted by quotes from government leaders’ recognizing the many contributions our libraries make.