Meet the candidates: Sander van Kempen

Sander van Kempen
Senior adviser
Royal Dutch Library
The Netherlands

I have been active since 2011 within public libraries and since 2015 at the Royal Dutch Library (Koninklijke Bibliotheek). I have a background in ICT and digitization but more recently have broadened my expertise to include digital inclusion, digital innovation and supporting local libraries.

Currently my main focus is the connection between the local library and our national digital library infrastructure, which includes a digital library catalogue, ID system, Datawarehouse, etc. I love to work with all kinds of public libraries and feel that we all have something to contribute to achieve the mission set out in the Public Library Manifesto.

A part of my drive to work in the public library domain is that I feel that reading is an essential part of the upbringing of my two small boys. I also strongly believe in the mission of the public library as being central to freedom and equity of access to knowledge and information for all people. I would like to contribute to a stronger relationship between public and scientific libraries.

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