Are we solving a library problem or not?

An friend told me to read a blog from Susan Brown, Chap Hill Library, North Carolina USA.

The titel was:
Are we solving a library problem ? Or are we helping solve a community problem?

This is so close to my how my work has been the last months .Talking to the police, guardians, social workers and politicians. Sometimes the librarians are very worried about that the adolescens dont visit the libraries .How can we make the library attractive to them.? Now in my case the library has around 30-40 youth coming every day after school because we are a good place in the city. And they dont have anything else to go to. Of course we also have
the homeless and drogs addicted also? And all ordinarie visitors as babies and order people. Thats our
Strenghness in the libraries.
Our library is not built for this large groups of youth so we have to start thinking of how the visitors use our libraries nowadays.

Some other subjects I’m thinking of and discussing with others are:
If we are solving a lot of community problems is this maybe a way for us to show us in the community and for politicians? We are a place who works with helping the community to solving problems.But do we have the right people for this or do we really need people with other education ?

IFLA Public Liibraries Section are going to have a
meeting soon and I really would like to dicuss this
Issues with my collegues in the Section.

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