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Bookstart in Sweden – Bokstart

Last week I have been to some nice, inspirng and interesting meetings. On meeting  was about literacy in Sweden comparing to the Netherlandes. Adriaan  Langendok from IFLA s Section for Literacy and Reading talked about Bookstart works in the Netherlandes.To representatives from the Swedish Art Council spoke about the new possibilities to work with literacy for children. Now its possibilities to search  for new foundings to begin with Bookstart in Swden.

Bookstart is aimed to children up to three years old and their parents.The goal is to stimulate  the youngest children’s languages development and interest for reading.The strenght of this project are that it will be in  cooperation with Child  Carecenter and preschools and the Libraries.

A few Libraries in Sweden are already trying modell for this work.

Similary project are going on in UK and Japan and other countries too.

So now we are discussing in my Libraries  what kind of model of Bookstart we will  try to search money for. We really want to cooperate with Children’s Care center.

How many of you has Bookstart in your countries?

Anette Mjöberg

Library Director  Hässleholms bibliotek , Sweden



Strenghten up the Public Libraries in Sweden with 225 million Swedish crones


Here in Sweden the government has unexpectedly decided to

make a committment to strenghthen  the Public Libraries for 3 years.

The Swedish CulturalCouncil is commissioned to allocate SEK 225

million.This is still great news among Public libraries that offer great

opportunities for strenghthen and developing our libraries.

I,m a Library Director in Hässleholms municipality and we have not yet decide what we want to do and what to write in our application.But I,m thinking about developed on more branch library to a library with self- service and open 77 hours  every week.We just have one library

with this service. We will se but I,m sure that many new good library

activities will come. It will be exting to follow this development in our Public Libraries in Sweden During the next  3 years.

Anette Mjöberg , Hässleholms Public Library, Sweden



The campaign for the new City Library building in Zagreb

By Ismena Meic

The City of Zagreb strategic plan for 2020 finally includes a new City Library building. The Zagreb City Libraries network expert team was assembled to elaborate on the existing project idea “New City Library in Zagreb” and assist in preparation for public urban planning and building tender. Expert team has prepared a document “New City Library in Zagreb: Library Programme” based on the statistics, elaboration of the new and functional work integration in the central library for The Zagreb City Libraries network and reflections on the functional space organization for providing quality service to the population of Zagreb. Main purpose of the Library Programme is to point out that the new green City Library building needs to be green and sustainable, built on an adequate location, but also ensure a quality study for public urban planning and building tender.

One of solutions for permanent location of the City Library is Paromlin. Paromlin is on the map and in the memory of the city as one of the most important monuments of industrial architecture in Zagreb. Transforming Paromlin into the new City Library will contribute to efforts to transform neglected industrial architecture into public spaces or to transform a neglected area in the city centre into a living public space, with dominantly public contents.

More information: New City Library in Zagreb: Library Programme

Check This Out

By Anette Mjöberg

I work as a Library Director in Hässleholms municipality in Sweden.

Last summer at WLIC in Wroclaw me and my collegue Lo Claesson got the opportunity to speak in one of the sessions :
Check me out! Human libraries and unique circulating collections, from art to technology petting zoos (with Acquisition and Collection Development and Public Libraries)


I choose to talk about the possibility to borrow this things:

-Energy measures in all Libraries in Hässleholms Libraries
– Borrow seeds at Hästveda branch Library at Hästveda branch library in Hässleholms municipality.
– Borrow clothes, tools and the library for meetings in Garaget branchlibrary in Malmö municipality.
– An electric bike at Tyringe branchlibrary in Hässleholms municipality

The library has a cooperation with the energy adviser in our municipality The visitors can borrow it for 3 weeks but has to pay a 20 Euro in security but will get it back if the bicycle is not damage at the return. The amount of electric bikes in Sweden has increased and this a good way of trying to see if you want to buy one.

Hästveda branch Library has a little seed library. You can leave seeds from you garden and you can change seeds and take something new to try. A very nice way without costs to develop you garden and the visitors really like it. After the session a librarian from Borneo came and spoke to me about the seed library.

This is one of the most interesting and charmig thing about IFLA.
The possibility to discuss and listen to and get inspired about
libraries all around the world.An advantage we all must be aware of and of course use to our best.

Now I,m curious about your Libraries. What kind of special things do you have in your Library? Should be fun if YOU can give me some examples just to inspire me and other libraries.