Know your community, Improve your technology services

impact survey

Understanding your community is essential to providing patrons with the technology services they need. The Impact Survey is an online survey tool designed specifically for public libraries that want to better understand their communities and how people use their public technology resources and services. Written and validated by research staff at the University of Washington Information School, this free tool is designed to quickly and easily provide busy librarians with useful data on how their patrons use library technology services. The program saves libraries the time and costs associated with writing, programming, analyzing, and reporting an in-house survey.

The Impact Survey asks patrons about how they use library technology services like public computers, wireless networks, online resources, digital literacy training, as well as outcome oriented use in specific areas such as education, employment, health and wellness, eGovernment, social inclusion and eCommerce.  The site also has links to a webinar and support is avaiable – well worth a look.


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