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Part II – A Continuing Discussion of Communication

What an excellent discussion of many of the many issues that bring us together and keep us apart!  Sensitivity to the cultures and geographies of our members throughout the world is so very important to all of us!  And technology….oh technology! My most recent experience with this was co-editing a […]

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A Continuing Discussion on Communication

We hope you have all read the post from last week regarding Professional Communications and the IFLADIAL Report.  One of the first meetings at the WLIC in Helsinki was the Leadership Brief.  In the course of the discussions at this session, the question was asked, “What kinds of conferencing software […]

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Using Skype for IFLA Committee Communications

[THIS USEFUL POSTING COMES FROM CHRISTOPH ALBERS,  Information Coordinator of the Newspapers Section] As a follow-up of two business meetings at the Helsinki Conference our Standing Committee of the Newspaper Section had a very successful Skype teleconference (without video) on Thursday, 6 September 14:00 (GMT) with 11 participants from different […]

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