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IFLA Calendar of Events

Something that was launched late in 2011 and has been gaining momentum in the last year is the IFLA Calendar of Events, which was created to better promote IFLA’s own events and main advocacy activities, and to better visualize IFLA’s official representation worldwide. The calendar gathers details of events worldwide […]

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Looking Forward: October 2012 Call for Projects (Starting in 2013)

During a short hiatus from the ProfSpeak blog, IFLA’s Professional Committee and staff have been working on several important guideline and policy documents.  For example, in early October, leaders of IFLA’s professional units (standing committees and SIGs) will receive the annual Call for Projects.  The Call has been significantly revised […]

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Resolution Re. Timing of IFLA Venue Announcement

Dear Colleagues:  Below please find a copy of the message sent last week to the Officers and committee members that submitted at the Helsinki WLIC a resolution entitled, “Announcing venue of future IFLA WLIC at the beginning of the current WLIC.”  Here we are sharing the follow-up news more widely and welcome […]

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