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EPrints selected for the IFLA repository

Dear Colleagues Back in September, I told you about our plans for an IFLA repository and said that we were in the process of evaluating a number of systems with the aim to set up a repository and add papers for the WLIC 2013.  As you start to provide papers […]

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IFLA Calendar of Events

Something that was launched late in 2011 and has been gaining momentum in the last year is the IFLA Calendar of Events, which was created to better promote IFLA’s own events and main advocacy activities, and to better visualize IFLA’s official representation worldwide. The calendar gathers details of events worldwide […]

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How to organise IFLA proceedings

Dear Colleagues, following a request from Miguel Navas-Fernández, Chair, Government Libraries Section, here is some information regarding the current IFLA Working Group for a repository. It is cross-posted to IFLA-L since the conversation stated there. I begin with the question to keep some context. Miguel wrote: “Year after year, we […]

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