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ProfSpeak (Professionally Speaking) has been set up by IFLA’s Professional Committee.  It is a moderated site, available to all IFLA’s officers and members, for discussion of IFLA’s professional programmes and related matters.  This includes the activities of the professional units (sections, special interest groups and strategic activities), the IFLA publishing programme, and the Congress professional programme. ProfSpeak aims to further multi-way communications, as well as to be a vehicle for timely information sharing.  Our goal is to post communications the same day as they are submitted.

To contribute to the blog please use the reply function after an entry.

ProfSpeak is a work in progress and we welcome your suggestions and ideas for improvement.  If you have thoughts about how to use ProfSpeak or wish to discuss other ideas, please  contact Ann Okerson or Joanne Yeomans.

3 Responses to “About ProfSpeak”

  • I sm very eager to see the response to the good ideas above …

  • Excellent suggestions from Christel.

    He also knows, from personal experience, how easy it is to neglect a blog.

    If you install a box, that will help, since you may actually be prodded from the outside. One big advantage (or disadvantage) of blogs and most other social media is transparency. Both activity and the lack thereof becomes glaringly visible.

    So I hope you’ll respond to Christel’s advice sooner rather than later 😉

  • Dear Ann,
    thank you for setting up this blog. I think it is the right move.
    However, I suggest you continue to cross-post on IFLA-L and on Facebook + LinkedIn. I know it is hard to keep it all up, and looking at my own experience with blogs on the IFLA-Website (for KM Section and for ICT4D, which are both idle due to my lack of time and were never well used), I guess you need some people to help you fill the blog in an meaningful way. Here are my suggestions:
    -invite GB members to introduce themselves and say why they are in the GB, what they are doing there etc.
    – invite SIGs, sections etc. to post their ideas about IFLA and its communication policy
    – publish the survey results as soon as they are out
    – publish things like the outcome of the President Elect’s session
    – install a box for ‘a question you always wanted to ask IFLA but never did until now’ and have the president or somebody high in the hierarchy answer it

    Good success and fun with the blog!

    Christel (information coordinator, KM section)

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