Professional Units Key Initiatives Session

Plan to attend:  Professional Units Key Initiatives Session
20 August, 10:45-12:45, Nicoll 3

The IFLA website states the purpose of our Key Initiatives very succinctly, “Our aim through these Initiatives— as the trusted global voice of the library and information community—is to use our influence and apply our expertise to position libraries as a force for change and secure equitable access to knowledge, cultural heritage, and information for the library user community in the rapidly changing and competitive environment for information resources.”  Do you know what the activities surrounding the Key Initiatives ( of IFLA encompass?  How closely do you reflect these Initiatives in the planning and programming of your Section?  How can we work together to promote and support the activities that form the core of our profession and our organization?  These are a few of the questions we will explore at Session 131 on Tuesday, 20 August.

This is a newly developed event that calls for the active participation of all of our sections.  As a result, attendance by at least one member of each section is considered compulsory, although more can attend.  We are encouraging new officers in particular to join us.  And, yes, there is a little homework to be done for this session.  Everyone should bring along the action plan developed at your Section’s first meeting of WLIC.  Everyone who is participating should read the Key Initiatives material (linked above) prior to the session.  The meeting will be structured in the style of a “World Café” where you will remain seated at tables while a team of moderators rotate between tables to discuss related aspects of the Key Initiatives.  We will ask you to share the results of these discussions with the others at the session, with your Standing Committees, and address feedback, questions and remarks to the Section’s Division Chair.  This should allow you to update your Action Plans if need be and ultimately help you to develop a rich and informative annual report of your activities.

The session was developed in the hope of to providing a better understanding of the Key Initiatives of IFLA as an organization at a more personal and interactive level, and how these issues fit into the work that we do at the Section level.  It will provide you with the opportunity to take a look at a larger picture of this diverse, active, and respected organization.  We would also recommend attendance at the IFLA Market session on Sunday 18 August from 12:15 – 13:30 entitled “What your Section can achieve – planning and strategy” to enrich your understanding of the organization and its goals.

We look forward to your participation.

Lynne Rudasill

Chair, IFLA Division I


2 Responses to “Professional Units Key Initiatives Session”

  • Dear Lynn

    These are good initiatives.

    I noted, however, that Ann wrote the following in December:

    “We read carefully and discussed the IFLADial report, prepared by a subgroup of Division IV, aimed at improving communications up and down the organization, particularly with members and officers. We discussed some actions that could be undertaken and will share ongoing thoughts about this in 2013 as well, seeking your ideas. An important, main follow-up will be arranged in Singapore during the leadership and/or officer forums where ideas will be further discussed”

    Was this follow-up actually realized in Singapore? I had hoped for more direct references to the Report itself, as well as responses on the ProfSpeak blog, in 2013. This may still come, of course.

    I would also like to point out that the Report has been translated into three IFLA languages beyond English: Spanish, French and Arabic. Promoting these versions by mentioning them, linking to them, and commenting on them is a good way to take the discussion forward.

    I am trying to contribute through my own blog – see and , but more is needed …

    Best regards

    Tord (aka Plinius)

  • World Cafe sounds great – like the “personal and interactive” approach. Keep moving …!


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