IFLA Calendar of Events

Something that was launched late in 2011 and has been gaining momentum in the last year is the IFLA Calendar of Events, which was created to better promote IFLA’s own events and main advocacy activities, and to better visualize IFLA’s official representation worldwide.

The calendar gathers details of events worldwide where IFLA is represented.  IFLA Governing Board members, Information Coordinators and others contribute to the calendar.  Our highest profile activities are promoted to the front page of the website.

The calendar includes:

IFLA events:

  • IFLA World Library and Information Congress;
  • Satellite Meetings;
  • Governing Board meetings;
  • events organised by the professional units;
  • midterm meetings of the professional units;

Events co-sponsored by IFLA, for example,

  • events connected with or organised as part of a PC project;
  • events organised jointly with other organisations (for which IFLA branding has been agreed).

It is not intended to collect all events around the world connected to libraries or IFLA units, but professional units can still add reports and news about these events to their web site as news items or blog posts.  And to avoid duplicating all the information on the WLIC site and filling the calendar with the many events that are part of the WLIC, it won’t include any part of the programme for the WLIC such as individual sessions, visits or social events.  These are all detailed on the WLIC website, but professional units are welcome to promote these sessions on their own web pages as news items and link to the full details.

The Calendar of Events is available through the homepage of the IFLA website.  It has been developed in the context of IFLA’s Key Initiative 3 (Outreach).  The Calendar promotes IFLA’s representation, advocacy, and promotional activities which in turn promotes and enhances IFLA membership.

Joanne Yeomans

Professional Support Officer, IFLA HQ

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