Looking Forward: October 2012 Call for Projects (Starting in 2013)

During a short hiatus from the ProfSpeak blog, IFLA’s Professional Committee and staff have been working on several important guideline and policy documents.  For example, in early October, leaders of IFLA’s professional units (standing committees and SIGs) will receive the annual Call for Projects.  The Call has been significantly revised and (we hope!) clarified.  As was noted during the WLIC Leadership Brief and Officers’ Training sessions, we are placing a new, increased emphasis on Projects, as initiatives that are instrumental in driving forward IFLA’s agenda, particularly the Key Initiatives (http://www.ifla.org/en/strategic-plan/key-initiatives).

This approach represents a re-balancing of the PC’s funds, wherein the majority will be allocated to Projects, with units being encouraged to focus less on administrative funds and their expenditure.  Project funding requests can be very diverse, but here’s a guideline:  out of a Project budget of around 25,000 – 30,000 Euro, we anticipate approving somewhere between 10 and 20 proposals.

As part of the Call, all groups currently with 2012 Project funding will be asked to submit a report of work accomplished this year.  For projects that are intended to continue into their second year, proposers will be asked to provide an updated request.  We will be placing special emphasis on dissemination/distribution of project outcomes and results, so that the good work accomplished is not lost or forgotten.

All of these reports and requests will be discussed in the December 2012 Professional Committee meeting, and we hope to be able to notify proposers of decisions early in 2013.

And now a question for you all:  For next year, the PC is considering issuing the Call just before the WLIC, with the deadline afterwards (as usual), enabling IFLA’s units to discuss their ideas and applications during their meetings inSingapore.  Will this be helpful?  Please advise share your thoughts by replying to this blog or via e-mail to your Division Chair, to Joanne Yeomans (IFLA HQ), and/or to me.

We very much look forward to your ideas.  Ann Okerson/PC Chair

Contacts at:  http://www.ifla.org/professional-committee

3 Responses to “Looking Forward: October 2012 Call for Projects (Starting in 2013)”

  • The call for projects was sent out to Officers by email at the beginning of October. Following the updates to the website, it’s finally online as well:
    Sorry for the delay…

  • I agree with that. Thanks!

  • I just learned about the project and funding at the meeting in August and moved forward quickly to meet with two other sections to propose joint project with them. This was short notice and difficult to put together a fully fleshed out proposal so I would absolutely encourage the proposal call before the meeting to enable better coordination between sections.

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