How to organise IFLA proceedings

Dear Colleagues,
following a request from Miguel Navas-Fernández, Chair, Government Libraries Section, here is some information regarding the current IFLA Working Group for a repository. It is cross-posted to IFLA-L since the conversation stated there. I begin with the question to keep some context.
Miguel wrote:
“Year after year, we have more and more papers available at IFLA website.
Nevertheless, it seems to me that the only way to access them is to browse by year and session

I know it’s not easy, but it would be very interesting to have them in a data base or repository. That way, it would be possible to browse indexs and to search by keywords and subjects.

Another option might be upload the papers at E-LIS
Each section could take care of its papers.”

As I’ve also replied on the IFLA-L list:

Thank you for this:  as Lynne has already indicated, this is a very timely question, allowing us to point colleagues to the IFLA Repository Working Group which forms part of the Key Initiative One: and which I chair.

Just to give an update on what is on that page: since it was set up in August 2011, the group has defined the requirements for an IFLA branded repository, sent out a call for proposals to selected suppliers (who are also capable of hosting such a service) and is currently evaluating potential systems with the assistance of IFLA sections we knew were interested and/or experienced in this area.

As the evaluation has prompted us to re-examine the workflow for upload of congress papers, we now aim to make a firm proposal to the IFLA Board at its December 2012 meeting, with the intention of loading the IFLA WLIC 2013 papers into the repository. We also hope in time to add older material and progressively integrate other types of IFLA publications.

We will be updating the page accordingly.

Regarding the suggestion that in the meantime people load to E-LIS, authors are free to do so. I would suggest, though, to wait until we have the IFLA repository bringing together all our material.  But we would be interested in hearing from people already using E-LIS – their comments and experience.  We will also be looking at E-LIS as part of our preparative work.

kind regards
Genevieve Clavel
Swiss National LIbrary
IFLA GB, Chair Repository Working Group

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