Resolution Re. Timing of IFLA Venue Announcement

Dear Colleagues:  Below please find a copy of the message sent last week to the Officers and committee members that submitted at the Helsinki WLIC a resolution entitled, “Announcing venue of future IFLA WLIC at the beginning of the current WLIC.”  Here we are sharing the follow-up news more widely and welcome your thoughts.   Ann Okerson


Dear Colleagues:  This is a quick note regarding your resolution, which was forwarded to the Professional Committee for follow-up.  The topic wasn’t entirely new, as it had arisen also in the previous year.

During our meeting on Friday, 17 August, with the resolution in hand, the PC discussed this matter and agreed to recommend a change in timing to the Governing Board.  As it happened, 3 GB members were present at the PC meeting and also joined the discussion.  The GB met immediately afterward (PC members in attendance), and the matter was again raised.

I’m happy to report consensus that, in consultation with National Organizing Committees, the GB, and the PC, we will find a way to time the venue announcement so that IFLA’s committees and members can more easily plan their future programs, particularly for satellite events.  A few options were mentioned, but no decision has been made as to exactly how the change will work.  Since we had a lot of ground to cover, there was no time work through a process. Whatever ensues, we do know that, in response to your and others’ voices, a change will be instituted.

We wanted to give a “heads up” as soon as possible, so you know that your thoughtful request has made a good difference for IFLA.

Please share this information with those on your committees who also signed the resolution — and the rest too.  I don’t have all the addresses to hand and don’t wish to overlook anyone.  We will be back in touch with all in due course.

Warmest thanks, Ann Okerson

Chair, IFLA Professional Committee

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  • Dear PC colleagues,

    thanks for taking care of this. Especially for sections without midterm meetings it is very important to use the SC meetings during the annual IFLA conference for the planning process of pre- or post-conferences in the future. So we are looking forward to your decision before the Singapore conference next year and are excited to know where the 2015 conference will be held in Africa.
    Ulrike Lang, co-chair CPDWL

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