Italy: looking for bibliobuses

Dear colleagues,

As you know the last Earthquake in Norhern Italy in May and the continuous tremors have distroyed or damaged many small public libraries in the regions of Emilia and Lombardy. Now there is the problem to restart the local library service in different situations. In few cases it would be very useful to have one or more bibliobuses -like available (used … not new of course …) to front the readers -users -scholars emergence in next months in some communities. In others the way- as a container, for example- to transfer and temporarly stock books everywhere for some months. Do you think any of you living in countries around Italian boundaries could help us in this , borrowing or giving in whatever way a similar solution to this crucial problem? Please , if you have information or a good idea about my request above mailto

Many thanks.


— Ornella Foglieni Secretary of Ifla Pac Section Head of Soprintendenza ai Beni LIbrari Regione Lombardia – Milano – Italy

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