Welcome to the new IFLA P&C blog!

Welcome to the brand new blog of the IFLA Preservation & Conservation Section (alias P&C)! The P&C Section is concerned with the preservation of the world’s documentary heritage. It provides an international forum for all types of libraries to exchange, develop and disseminate knowledge and experience dealing with theories, policies and practices for the preservation of all recorded knowledge, regardless of the storage medium. The Section maintains a close working relationship with the IFLA PAC Core Programme.

Activities of the section include the organisation of programs at IFLA conferences or even IFLA satellite meetings. Disater planning and miigation i s a strong focus of the section and in this regard section members work closely with the Blue Shield organization and with the PAC Core programme in developing strategies for assistance when natural or manmade disasters strike libraries.

The section also sponsors the SIG Environmental Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group, which focuses on the role of humanity in climate change and the notion of sustainable development, as core concerns of society, and consequently of libraries.

The blog will inform you about the section, preservation and conservation activities around the world, and wants to be the most active link between IFLA and those concerned with the preservation of our cultural heritage.

Please check our website www.ifla.org/preservation-and-conservation for more information, and be sure to add our RSS-feed to your aggregator!

If you have an information you want to share with the P&C community, don’t hesitate to contact the information officer or the webmaster of the section (see: http://www.ifla.org/en/preservation-and-conservation/standing-committee): we will be happy to open you the column of our blog!

Welcome again on the IFLA P&C blog!

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  • congratulations Frédéric !

    I’ll send soon the french translation for the flyer and the first half of the last number of the Newsletter.

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