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The End of a Discipline? EU Copyright Directive Endangers Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities – a highly promising emerging field academic discipline  in which libraries are heavily invested – risks being seriously damaged by a proposed amendment to the EU draft Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. This short-sighted and poorly thought-through measure needs to be rejected in order […]

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Of Nuts and Sledgehammers: Why MEPs Should Choose their Tools Wisely in Copyright Reform

The European Parliament’s vote on the draft copyright directive next Wednesday is likely to be the last chance for transparent discussion on the substance of a reform that has been years in the making. It is also a last chance for libraries to reach out to and influence Members of […]

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Responding to Cambridge Analytica – The Role of Libraries

Recent stories about the activities – the misdeeds – of Cambridge Analytica have provided an illustration of the power of information. It is true that digital technologies and techniques allowing the ‘mining’ of data have opened up unprecedented opportunities to gain understanding of our environment, and ourselves. Just as it […]

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