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Libraries at the African Youth SDGs Summit

By Damilare Oyedele, Library and You Over 1,200 young people from across Africa gathered at Accra International Conference Centre, Accra Ghana from 7th – 9th November for the 2nd edition of the African Youth SDGs Summit. The African Youth SDGs Summit is an annual continental summit that gathers young people […]

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Here, but Not Evenly Distributed: Libraries, Innovation and the Right to Science

Every innovation with global impact nonetheless starts somewhere. The World Wide Web was conceived of at CERN in Geneva. Radio in Bologna, Italy, block printing in China. Between the moment of invention – or discovery – and worldwide uptake, there is a more or less rapid spread, through communication, trade, […]

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The Economist and the Librarian: What the Nobel Prize Tells Us about Open Access and Libraries

Paul Romer, one of the recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics 2018, has been recognised for his work on how innovation can allow for continued growth. His insights into the nature and role of knowledge – and in particular of access to knowledge – offer welcome support for some […]

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