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Getting the Right Measures: How Copyright Exceptions and Limitations are an Essential Ingredient for Successful Library Systems

In any recipe, you cannot just substitute one ingredient with more of another. If you try to make a cake only with flour and milk, you get wallpaper paste. One made only of egg is a soufflé. The same goes libraries and their work to support education, innovation and culture. […]

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Where Fair Use and Fair Dealing is Being Fought For

This week is Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week. It’s an opportunity to look at where librarians around the world are involved in efforts to defend and promote Fair Use and Fair Dealing. They are doing this because copyright rules that give librarians the space to adapt and update their practice make […]

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Copyright for libraries in 2019: What’s on the Agenda? Part 1

Today is the first day of Copyright Week 2019! Copyright week is an initiative launched by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in order to highlight key issues around copyright. Every day, various groups, all defenders of a copyright framework that promotes creativity and innovation, look into specific copyright policy matters. […]

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This week, tweet about #Copyright4Libraries: join our efforts at WIPO remotely

IFLA representatives are currently in Geneva at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). They will take part in week of international discussions about copyright, alongside representatives of many of the United Nations Member States. There will be a particular focus on exceptions and limitations to copyright for libraries. This, the […]

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