Monthly Archive for February, 2022

Upholding Cultural and Linguistic Diversity: Reflections on International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day (21 February) is an annual affirmation of the important role that cultural and linguistic diversity plays in building sustainable societies. Cultural and linguistic diversity are fundamentally linked to freedom of expression and access information; they are at the heart of the promotion of cultural and educational […]

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The 10-Minute International Librarian #84: Celebrate the Local

Libraries have a mission to put global information into the hands of people, wherever they are. Through their own collections policies, inter-library loan and document supply, and advocacy for internet provision and open access, they help overcome barriers to information.

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The 10-Minute International Librarian #83: think about different learning styles

Effective teaching requires two or more people – the information giver and the information receiver. For information to be understood, and skills to be learned, the two (or more) people need to be attuned – in other words, the way that the teacher teaches, and the learner learns, need to […]

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