The 10-Minute Library Advocate #23: Find – and Use – Buzzwords

The 10-Minute Library Advocate #23: Find – and Use – Buzzwords

Choosing the right words can make a difference.

They can help people make connections in their heads with other issues, placing libraries in a broader context.

They can make your message seem more relevant to wider public debate.

For example, see our ‘Words of the SDGs’ series that explains some of the most used words at the United Nations!

So for our 23rd 10-Minute Library Advocate Exercise, find – and use – buzzwords.

A ‘buzzword’ is a word that is fashionable at a given moment.

Think about the words that journalists and politicians keep on using in articles and speeches.

If over-used, a buzzword can become a cliché, so be careful!

Share your ideas and good luck!


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  • Librarians are key to building a successful reading culture. This enables communities to gain advantage of information literacy skills,a key component towards Sustainable Development Goals SDGs). All governments around the globe,and especially underdeveloped and developing Nations should prioritize access to information as a fundamental right by building more public libraries and engaging communities in matters information.


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