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Here, but Not Evenly Distributed: Libraries, Innovation and the Right to Science

Every innovation with global impact nonetheless starts somewhere. The World Wide Web was conceived of at CERN in Geneva. Radio in Bologna, Italy, block printing in China. Between the moment of invention – or discovery – and worldwide uptake, there is a more or less rapid spread, through communication, trade, […]

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Reflexiones tras el webinar con FEBAB: la IFLA ante la OMPI y perspectivas ante la Unión Europea

[Versión en inglés disponible aquí] Hace unos días participé en un webinar organizado por comisión brasilera de derechos de autor y acceso abierto FEBAB, la Federação Brasileira de Associações de Bibliotecários. Es el primero de cuatro webinars, una serie que busca acercar al sector bibliotecario al ámbito del derecho de […]

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Thoughts after the FEBAB webinar: IFLA’s work at WIPO and current perspectives in the European copyright reform

[Spanish version available here] A few days ago, I took part in a webinar organised by the copyright and open access committee of FEBAB, the Brazilian Federation of Library Associations. It was the first of four webinars that seek to inform the library field about copyright in Brazil and at […]

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An Internet of Trust vs an Internet of Confidence

While the optimism and ambition that helped create the internet are still plentiful, recent years have seen a rise in the feeling that it has brought both good and bad. Fortunately, and despite dramatic headlines in newspapers and speeches by politicians, it seems that for now it is realism rather […]

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Copyright discussions at the LIBER Bookfair: public lending, unwaivable right to remuneration and much more

IFLA recently took part in a session during the LIBER bookfair held in Barcelona from 3-5 October. LIBER, organised by the Spanish Association of Publishers’ Guilds, is a biannual event that alternates between Madrid and Barcelona. The panel discussion was organised by FESABID, the Spanish Federation of Societies of Archivists, […]

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