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Because Markets Fail: Libraries and the Public Domain

Intellectual property rights – copyrights included – are designed to create a market for ideas and expressions. Without them, the argument goes, there is no way of earning money from a work or product, and so no incentive to create. The right to enjoy the material benefits of a work […]

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Remembering and Forgetting: Finding the Right Balance

Freedom of access to information depends heavily on privacy. People will not feel comfortable in seeking and obtaining the information they need if they are under surveillance. However, free access and privacy – both of which are human rights recognised in the 1948 Universal Declaration – can also enter into […]

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New Year: New Opportunities for Libraries and Cultural Heritage

The past year has been filled with exciting events, inspiring meetings and interesting debates on the cultural heritage front. It was also the year IFLA published its first ever guide to its work in the field, highlighting key areas of our work, why we are involved, and how to find […]

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