Monthly Archive for June, 2020

7 Useful Languages You Should Consider Learning

There are many reasons why you might want to learn a new language. You may be looking for ways to help maximize your job or travel opportunities, perhaps you have a personal connection to a specific foreign language, or maybe you are simply fascinated by the culture or the way […]

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Using Reading Data to Improve Education

From WorldReader: At Worldreader, we like to say “data or it didn’t happen”. Realistically, if we’re to achieve quality education for all, we need data to make it happen.  There’s still a lot of uncertainty around how education is going to look in the coming months due to the pandemic. But one […]

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Is One Tongue Really Enough? Promoting Multilingual Literacy

To promote multilingual literacy to the members of the IFLA is like preaching to the choir. International is almost equivalent to multilingual, as each nation has its own unique linguistic characteristics. So, too, IFLA is committed to a Global Vision spanning nearly 200 countries and territories, each with its own […]

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